Causes Of Lupus

Part of the Orthopedic and Arthritis Center at Brigham and Womens Hospital, the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus/Antiphospholipid Antibody Center provides referring physicians with options for comprehensive care delivered by a team of experts who work closely with them to provide advanced, coordinated treatment for their patients.
Expert Patient Care
Under the direction of Bonnie L. Bermas, MD, and co-director Peter H. Schur, MD, the Center is also staffed by Jonathan Coblyn, MD, Karen Costenbader, MD, MPH, and Patricia Fraser, MD. This team of lupus specialists collaborates closely with referring physicians, dermatologists, nephrologists, neurologists, pulmonologists, and psychiatrists to manage the myriad of symptoms and organ involvement that are often present in patients with this disease. Patients have access to the latest treatment options for lupus, including immunosuppression and targeted B-cell therapies.
Advancing the Understanding of SLE
Drs. Costenbader, Fraser, and clinical research colleagues Elizabeth Karlson, MD, and Matthew Liang, MD, MPH, are investigating possible causes of lupus, including reproductive hormones, environmental exposures, and dietary factors. Researchers in the Center are also studying the increased risk of heart attacks and strokes among lupus patients and the best possible means of prevention. Basic scientists Paul Anderson, MD, PhD, Laurie Glimcher, MD, and Lloyd Klickstein, MD, PhD, are conducting ongoing research into the underlying cellular causes of SLE, resulting in important new insights about this autoimmune disease.
Indications for Referral
An inflammatory rheumatic disease of immunologic origin, characterized by autoantibody production and protean clinical manifestations, lupus tends to strike young women with a peak onset in the 15 to 40 age range. Nine out of 10 cases of lupus occur in women. Patients who present with the following may be referred to the Center for an evaluation:

  • Patients with a history suggestive of lupus or mixed connective tissue disease in which a diagnosis is desired;
  • Patients with diagnosed SLE or mixed connective tissue disease for treatment consultation or management;
  • Patients with SLE who need coordinated care from a range of experts to manage organ involvement from this disease, including symptoms involving the joints, kidneys, skin, heart, lungs, and brain;
  • Patients with SLE or antiphospholipid antibody syndrome who are considering a pregnancy;
  • Patients with antiphospholipid antibodies occurring in conjunction with SLE or alone who may have symptoms including clots, strokes, or recurrent miscarriages.

Access and Information
For more information, or to refer a patient to the physicians in the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus/Antiphospholipid Antibody Center at Brigham and Womens Hospital, please contact a Referral Coordinator at (617) 732-9894.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can stress cause lupus to come out of remission?
    I am not familiar with lupus, so I don't even know whether lupus goes into/comes out of remission.

    Thanks for your input!

    • ANSWER:
      I did not know lupus had a treatment, I just find out. But it still is a chronic illness and it has periods of remissions and periods of flare (activity)

      Stress is very bad to our health. Stress may induce many diseases into active state or even produce new ones (most common ulcer)

      hm... lupus can be induced by drugs.

    What are the 38 drugs that can cause drug-induced lupus?
    I just heard that someone can have drug-induced lupus.
    My mother-in-law has lupus and is on a multitude of medications (for God knows what; since before diagnosed with lupus) so this issue has peaked my interest.
    From doing a search, I could only find the top three medications, but I was hoping someone could tell me the 38 drugs that can cause lupus.
    Thank you!

    • ANSWER: * Alferon N
      * Carbamazepine (Tegretol)
      * Hydralazine (Apresoline)
      * Inerferon Alfa
      * Infergen
      * Intron A
      * Isoniazid (INH)
      * Methyldopa (Aldornet)
      * PegIntron
      * Phenytoin (Dilantin)
      * Procainamide (Procan, Pronestyle)
      * Quinidine (Quinaglute)
      * Roferon-A
      * Some anti-seizure medications

      Read more at Although as many as 100 drugs have been reported to cause DRL, most cases are caused by the following 4 drugs: procainamide (Pronestyl), hydralazine (Apresoline), minocycline, and quinidine (Quinaglute). With these 4 drugs, the risk of developing DRL after 2 years of drug use is 5-20 percent. With the other drugs reported to cause DRL, the risk is less than 1 percent.

      Drugs with a definite association to DRL include: chlorpromazine (Thorazine), hydralazine, isoniazid (used for tuberculosis), minocycline, methyldopa, and the heart medications procainamide and quinidine.

      Drugs reported to have a possible association with DRL include: the beta-blockers propranolol, metoprolol, and atenolol; captopril; the anticonvulsants carbamazepine (Tegretol), primidone (Mysoline), ethosuximide (Zarontin), valproic acid (Depakene, Depakote), trimethadione (Tridone), and phenytoin (Dilantin); hydralazines; interleukins; interferons; levodopa, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), tiotropium bromide inhaler, ophthalmic timolol, lithium; the anti-thyroid drugs methimazole and propylthiouracil (PTU); the chelating agent penicillamine; the antibiotics nitrofurantoin, sulfasalazine, and sulfonamides.

      Drugs reported to have an unlikely or very low association with DRL include: allopurinol (used for gout), chlorthalidone and hydrochlorothiazide (diuretics), gold salts, griseofulvin, methylsergide, oral contraceptives, lovastatin, minoxidil, perphenazine, penicillin, phenylbutazone, reserpine, streptomycin, and tetracyclines.

    What causes Lupus Anticoagulant?
    Hello, I recently was tested positive for lupus anticoagulant but negative for the other part which confirms Lupus itself. Thus was told I'm at a much higher risk for blood clots & told to keep taking 100mg of aspirin per day. I have also over the last couple of years had a higher than normal ESR & recently C-Reactive Protein (both about 10-15 higher than they should be) but the Dr can't work out what is causing this. I have done some research of my own & wonder if obesity can cause the lupus anticoagulant to test positive as well as raising the esr & crp levels? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    what type of pathogen causes lupus?

    • ANSWER:
      Lupus is not caused by a pathogen. It is not a communicable disease. It is an autoimmune disease. it simply happens.

    what are the causes of lupus?
    what are the causes of ?

    • ANSWER:

    could an abusive childhood cause lupus/autoimmune diseases?
    I'm 17 and have lupus. I've been told that excessive stress can cause it. I know Michael Jackson had lupus and had an exceptionally stressful childhood. I was physically abused as a child so could it have contributed? My family doesn't have a history of autoimmune diseases so I don't know how I got it.

    • ANSWER:

    Medical Question - Type of Lupus that causes blood clots?
    I have a friend who has a blood clot in each leg due to a form of Lupus. Now she has lots of clots in her toes and foot. She is seeing a team of doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, but they have never seen a case like hers. Has anyone had anything similar or know anything about this type of lupus. She is in a lot of pain and needs help/relief. She is on a blood thinner, but that isn't helping either. They have tried tons of medications, none are working.

    • ANSWER:
      there is no medical cure for lupus or for any auto immune disease whatsoever. They will try drugs, immune suppressants and even go so far as administering chemotherapy even if it means shutting the kidneys down, and there are 9 ways to pass away on dialysis.

      Message me if they are looking for complimentary holistic care to support her cellular health. I work with PH D's and M D's who are familiar with restoring cellular health and not stuck in the medical only box.

      Results with quality of life with auto immune i.e. lupus have been very good with their track record.

    What are the causes of lupus?

    • ANSWER:
      doctors do NOT KNOW WHAT CAUSES LUPUS BUT HAVE DISCOVERED SOME TRIGGERING FACTORS -environment . stress, medications, sunlight

    Are a Lupus rash and Eczema linked to one another?
    My grandmother passed away in 2001, primarily due to Lupus. I've been worried that I may have/get Lupus (since it is a genetically transmitted disease). I have common flare ups of a rash that i thought was eczema, but recently have thought could be related to Lupus. Could Lupus cause Eczema? Are they linked somehow?

    • ANSWER:
      Lupus is not genetically transmitted. You MAY inherit a genetic predisposition to lupus, but it requires triggers to develop the disease. There are many cases of genetically identical twins where one develops lupus and the other does not.

      Lupus is an autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks your own health tissue. The exact cause is unknown.

      The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but it's thought to be linked to an overactive response by the body's immune system to unknown triggers.

      Lupus of the skin is diagnosed by skin biopsy. Eczema may require some allergy testing.

      In addition, eczema is commonly found in families with a history of other allergies or asthma.

      Some people may suffer "flare-ups" of the itchy rash in response to certain substances or conditions.

      See a dermatologist.

    Can lupus cause dark discoloration on the back of your hands?
    I have an autoimmune disorder, but Rheumy is not sure which one yet.

    • ANSWER:
      More often, it's a redness, especially on the skin inbetween the knuckles, along with some skin atrophy and blood vessel changes.

    What types of cell surface protein malfunction cause Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Cystic Fibrosis?

    • ANSWER:
      This site will have answers to all of your questions!

    When do you think MJ lost all his beautiful hair caused by lupus?
    I think he didn't lose all his hair until recently(late 2000's). Tell me your opinion! AND NO NASTY COMMENTS, IF YOU DON'T LIKE HIM THEN GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
    don't say pepsi commercial cuz he didn't lose all his hair then.

    • ANSWER:
      on larry king live, his dermatologist said he had hair graphs on his scalp, so really, he's not as bald as some may think he is. he wasn't bald. And with lupus, you may have thinned hair but their are medications and treatment that help patients with lupus from losing too much of their hair.

    Lupus-and Lamsil. Did this doctor screw up big time or what?
    My aunt has been suffering from Lupus since she was fourteen. It runs in our family, sadly shes the only one out of the five of us to get the truest, ugliest effects of it.

    Her skin breaks open, and bleeds. She constantly suffers all the time. She has open sores all over her body that she has delt with for years. Recently, she was put on the drug LAMISIL to get rid of her toe fungus. After about two weeks of taking it, her lupus broke out times TEN. She now not only has open sores, she has hives COVERING her body including her hands and face. She went on WebMD and looked up Lamisil (the drug she was recently perscibed) and get CAUSES LUPUS. (If you have lupus lying dormant.)

    She goes and confronts the doctor, and this was his excuse..."Well, it doesn't say it shouldn't be perscribed to anyone who has Lupus." Is this the biggest load of sh*t ever? This is the third time this doctor has screwed us over. Our mother is dead probably because of this guy.

    What do you guys think?

    • ANSWER:
      1) First, your statement about your mother is a very strong one. If you have proof, then take action. If not, then perhaps you should tone it down a bit.

      2) Your aunt & the Lamisil. I looked at WebMD and the site does not say that Lamisil "CAUSES LUPUS". It does list "Severe" with Lupus under "Rare Side Effects" with the Oral drug. WebMD is not my choice for info, so I checked 2 other sites which I listed for you. I also checked the manufacturers site, which is Novartis, and it had the same info as RxList did, so you will see the info is available freely. I also strongly point out......all patients are given, or are supposed to be given, drug inserts when they get prescriptions. There was no need for your aunt to go to WebMD because she had already been given the info and should have READ IT before using if this was a new drug. --> Patient fault.

      3) Doctor - I am always the first one in line to slap a doctor when they need it, and by all means get rid of the bad ones. I worked with a few and I hated it.
      The makes the statement "If you suffer from the autoimmune disorder lupus erythematosus, you will not be able to take Lamisil." This was vague and did not state why so I looked further. All doctors should have a copy of The PDR in their office that is much more detailed than this site.
      The Novartis & RxList site stated the following.......
      "During postmarketing experience, precipitation and exacerbation of cutaneous and systemic lupus erythematosus have been reported infrequently in patients taking LAMISIL®. LAMISIL® therapy should be discontinued in patients with clinical signs and symptoms suggestive of lupus erythematosus. " This statement does not say that it will "cause" lupus. It says that it will cause a flair up or make worse the skin factor of lupus and that this has been reported infrequently in patients during the postmarketing of the drug.

      Would I be very upset with this doc for ordering this particular drug if I were in your aunt's position. Definitely. Should he have at least checked the drug. Yes. Would I have taken the med. NO WAY. I don't put things in my mouth that I don't know everything about. I would have called that doc back and asked why did he order a med that could make my lupus flair up like crazy.

      So who is at fault here. The doctor for ordering the drug. If you aunt gets all her meds from the same pharmacy, then I would be wondering why they didn't say something. She needs to have a talk with them and at least make sure they know she has lupus. Their computer should have caught that. Then there is your aunt, who didn't pay attention to the info she was given. It was a bad situation all the way around. Several lessons 2 be learned here. First one would be that if your family feels this way about this doc, then why do you keep going back???????

    does lupus cause hives and unexplained bruising?
    asking this question again cause i got kind of rude answers the last time.
    my mother has lupus.

    • ANSWER:
      About 80% of lupus patients will get unexplained rashes. It is quite common.

      Bruising easily can come from two things: prednisone use and low platelets. Lupus patients often have a low platelet count. If you are on blood thinners for any of the lupus clotting factors that would also cause you to bruise easily.

    can treatment for lupus cause you to lose your memory?
    someone i knew said he had lupus and had to get a treatment that would cause him to lose 4-6 months of this possile and how.and will he remember stuff later on??

    • ANSWER:

    what medications cause lupus?
    what kinds of meds can contribute to Lupus?
    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      What Medicines Cause Drug-Induced Lupus?

      Lupus-inducing drugs are typically those used to treat chronic diseases. No obvious common denominator links the drugs that are likely to cause lupus. The list includes medicines used to treat:

      Heart disease
      Thyroid disease
      Neuropsychiatric disorders
      Certain anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics.

      At least 38 drugs currently in use can cause DILE. However, most cases have been associated with these three:

      procainamide (Pronestyl)
      hydralazine (Apresoline)
      quinidine (Quinaglute).

      The risk for developing lupus-like disease from any of the other 35 drugs is low or very low; with some drugs only one or two cases have been reported.

      Dozens of medications have been reported to trigger SLE. However, more than 90% of cases of "drug-induced lupus" occurs as a side effect of one of the following six drugs: hydralazine (Apresoline is used for high blood pressure); quinidine (Quinidine Gluconate, Quinidine Sulfate) and procainamide (Pronestyl; Procan-SR; Procanbid) are used for abnormal heart rhythms; phenytoin (Dilantin) is used for epilepsy; isoniazid ([Nydrazid, Laniazid] used for tuberculosis); and d-penicillamine (used for rheumatoid arthritis). These drugs are known to stimulate the immune system and cause SLE.


    I have read that 99% of people with Lupus have had Mono preceding Lupus. Mono can cause Lupus?
    I have Lupus. Years preceding this I had gotten Mono and my health had worsened from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. One of my friends had Lupus, and just before her Lupus she had, had Mono. she has been in remission from Lupus for nine years now, lucky her! I am just wondering if Mono and genetics are predecessors for Lupus. Would anyone be able to give me some feedback to this?

    • ANSWER:
      its possible that mono is just the first thing that people notice...since mono and lupus are both immune system disorders then it is quite possible that ppl who get mono already have undiagnosed lupus.

    Why does Lupus cause me the inability to sleep at night? besides the pain it is just plain impossible to sleep
    and why does it allow water to form around the lungs and heart as in me? Why am i given information by some m.d's that life expectancy is low while others have different opinions? it is very hard to know what to expect when the experts don't agree. I also have crohns(20 yrs)and fibromyalgia. anyone else out there familiar with these conditions? if so what are the chances of having all these together as i do? and ,any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I just looked at a book about Lupus and the minerals. We have disease from a lcak of minerals in our body. Unrefined Sea has all of the minerals of human blood. If you take a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass of distilled water three times a day, your insomnia may end. To provide good flora for your body, you might try drinking three more glasse of water and add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and cinnamon.

      You might also try eating one Brazil Nut each day TO HELP REMOVE TOXIC METALS
      and eat as much cilantro in your diet for elimination of mercury and lead.

      If you are consuming any kind of dairy you might consider quiting and switch to almond milk.

    Can hepatitis cause lupus or lupus cause hepatitis?
    I was told I have lupus by my dr and then I saw him not long ago and I said how tired I am ALL the TIME! He said that he wanted me to be tested for hepatitis A, B and C. So.. I am, but can one cause the other, or make the other worse? I have a friend that wants me to treat my lupus and possible hepatitis naturally, but I don't know if It would work and I dk what to do. I haven't got the test done yet, but I lost alot of weight and got sent to the dr and he said back then I might have lupus then last year I saw him later in the year again and he said I have it but then I saw him this year and he said since I'm tired all the time to get this test done, I heard if you have hep and lupus that if you try to treat the hep that it can make lupus worse. And my friend wants me to get this stuff treated naturally. :/ I jus don't know what to do and Idk if either way is good. I'm currently not on any medicine for lupus. Ty for your help. Happy Resurection Day and HUGS :) )
    Ohh.. I guess cuz my Dr. thought it was mild. O_O I have no idea. Ty for ur help though=)

    • ANSWER:
      Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. It is caused by a virus. It is contagious. Lupus is an autoimmune disease. The two are not related. When you have lupus, you do have a harder time fighting infection.

      Absolutely do not let your friend treat either disease. You are gambling with your life. Some things that are "natural" actually make lupus worse. I have to wonder why you are not on medication for lupus. With lupus, you can develop permanent organ damage and you won't have symptoms until you are in serious trouble.

      It is not natural for your immune system to turn against your body. That's what happens in lupus. If you are going to look at the larger picture, you should eliminate all toxins from your food, water, clothing, personal hygiene products, carpeting, paint, soaps, atmosphere, etc. You can reduce the body burden but you can't eliminate it. Also, exercise and stress reduction are essential to managing lupus.

      It is your body and your life. Don't be swayed by pressure from people who rarely have solid scientific evidence. Ask your friend for articles that report on double blind placebo studies with good sized popluations and that are published in peer reviewed journals. You won't get any. You will get anecdotes about somebody who got better. But were they like you? Same age? Gender? Medical history? Combination of conditions? Same lifestyle? Same genetics?

      Remember that hemlock and arsenic are natural, and they can kill you.

    Can an Accident cause lupus to ?
    I have a question for any legal eagles out there, A month ago I had this accident ( non-auto ) and I am about 14 yrs post op from c-spine & lumbar w/some hardware. Within those 14 or so years I have done pretty good, About the only pain I had was caused from weather changes, or over doing things, and then some ice and relaxation, motrin did well. I also have whats called "mild lupus ". Next thing I know, I have this accident ( non-auto related ) and I am in this huge pain cloud. The accident was so hard I was fortunate not to have broken my leg or anything else. I have deep bone contusions ( whatever that is ) and I am in a wheelchair/walker. Life has come to a standstill from what it was before. PT has temporary help, but I keep at it. I push myself from sun up to sunset and I don't know if it's true or not but I am being told now that the lupus has probably flared and is causing the pain to be more widespread. Since I was doing pretty independent,, and for all standards things were under control, and now my life is upside down, I know a lot of the pain is from the accident, but can something like this cause lupus to blow up ? And if so, does this ruin any chance at recovery from the insurance company for the neglect that caused my injury ? I am so angry, and now I have what they call panic problems ( which is new ). Am I just a lost cause, which is unfair because prior to this I worked so hard to make a comeback,.and I am so frigging angry. Any feedback ?

    • ANSWER:
      I would say that the accident has caused your lupus to flare. Lupus seems to react to any 'trauma' from a simple cold to even an accident or surgery. It's highly likely that it will settle down again but obviously there's no saying how long that will take.

      If you haven't already, I would see your specialist to see if they can increase or change your medication to give you some relief as that's what they'd usually do when you're in a flare. It's very difficult to separate lupus pain from pain caused by something else, usually changing/upping medication gives you a clue as to how much of the pain is lupus related, if the change in medication helps, it's likely to be lupus related.

      I know you must be angry but as I'm sure you know negative thoughts/moods also impact on your lupus often making it worse, so please go to your specialist to see if they can help with the pain and try and let the anger go, it's difficult I know but do try.

      Good luck

    Is lupus a cause for permanent disability?
    Hi, after many breakouts/crisis related to lupus, a friend of mine was finally laid out from her job. She now is clinging on to the hope to be declared permanent disabled to then get entitled to pension/early retirement benefits. I am just not sure that lupus classifies as cause of permanent dissability. Is it? Have you or anyone you know affected by this condition been declared disabled and entitled to retirement because of lupus?

    • ANSWER:

    Can lupus cause stiffing of leg joints as to where you can not move?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi There

      If you need to get cirulation in your legs and really want to cure your issue. Here is the best remedy/cure you can use. It's called hydrotherapy. Using hot and cold water to generate blood circulation where the body needs it most. THis process has been used for thousands of years and proved to be one of the most productive. Hot water brings blood to the surface and cold water surpresses it downward, in turn generating new blood cells into the diseased part of the body. Ideally, you also want to use pressure (like strong showerheads) to penetrate the body's depths for quicker results. Also intaking cayenne pepper is the internal king circulator. Moves blood like no other.

      I would start by getting a bucket of hot water (hot as you can take it) and an ice filled bucket of water. Just go back and forth with each bucket about a minute each. Do this 10 times or so. Do this 2-3 times a day for as long as it takes to heal.
      Better yet is using showers for this method with the hot and cold (far as the cold will go) water rotating 1 min each 7 times (14 minutes). Screaming/yelling is allowed! Who cares! Healing is the greatest freedom you'll ever experience, if you do this.

      Here is more information about Hydrotherapy and some testimonials for curing big diseases.

      How you can use hydrotherapy at home to SPEED - UP any cure.

      The best and cheapest thing any human can do to cure their disease is use water therapy.

      You need to do two basic things :

      1) Apply hot and cold water, as hot as possible and as cold as you can get it, to a diseased area.

      2) Take hot and cold showers, or a hot shower, then jump in a bathtub of ice-cold water, or water with 20 - 40 pounds of ice in it.

      The purpose of these two techniques is not torture. It is to BLAST blood into sick areas that are not getting enough blood. Until you do that, expect to stay sick.

      There was one man who tired the programs for skin cancer, and they did not work. But he omitted one thing: the hot and cold showers. As soon as he did them, his skin cancer went away.

      Simple Rules : For those who are frail, use common sense and start slowly. For instance, on babies, use warm water and cool water. Obviously, be gentle.

      To get the most results, work yourself up to using as hot as you can stand it - without burning your skin - and as cold as you can stand it. When I do it at home, I don’t just use cold water. I found it works much better with bags of ice.

      You do this at least twice a day. Once is a hot and cold shower, perhaps three of them if you are real sick. You do seven repetitions of hot and cold. If your shower doesn’t get real cold, use ice cubes in a bathtub. If you don’t have a bathtub, perhaps rub yourself with a wet, icy towel. Do your best.

      Then, always use hot and cold directly on the sick or injured area - not just all over. This is essential.

      For the cayenne oil, here is a simple formula.

      A Formula for a cayenne heating oil.

      Here is a formula anyone can make.

      In a glass jar with a tight leakproof lid, place...

      5 tablespoons of the HOTTEST cayenne powder you can find (over 250,000 heat units is suggested.) 20 ounces of Jojoba, Olive or Almond oil.

      Make it on the New Moon and let it sit until the Full Moon, making sure to shake it every day. On the Full Moon, press or strain off the liquid.

      Caution, this can be extremely hot. Start with a little and work your way up in amount.

      Common mistakes made by readers who try hydrotherapy.

      Due to timidity, readers under use this treatment. They don’t do it often enough, and they don’t do it strong enough. They don’t like to shiver, or they find it uncomfortable. Forget that. To me, continued sickness is more uncomfortable.

      For example, when you are really ill, people should do hot and cold showers as much as 30 minutes a day, three times a day, 2 minutes cold and 5 minutes hot.

      For people less ill, try 15 minutes once a day, 7 repetitions each of hot and cold.

      Use your imagination. One reader saved his wife from a colon operation by using extremely hot and cold wet towels, back and forth, over her intestinal area.

      For people with heart problems.

      You can put really hot water, in the shower, or with hot towels, right on the chest, and then alternate with ice cold water or ice, and then go back and forth for seven times.

      Start mild, depending on the person’s strength and vitality. Do not overshock them when they are weak. Use good judgement in everything. You can add hydrotherapy to the herbal compresses for serious heart disorders.

      Hydrotherapy cured GANGRENE.

      Several months ago, a man in the South had gangrene developing. He is an older man, a diabetic. His doctor said if it wasn’t better in days, his right foot was coming off.

      He took 6-8 teaspoons a day of extra-extra hot cayenne pepper, in divided doses day and night. He took them in a cold beverage, or it is too hot to get down. The powder form of cayenne is what he used, never capsules. Forget capsules.

      Then, he filled two large buckets, one with hot water and one with ice water. He did this and went back and forth. Then he applied a cayenne heating oil to the sick area when he was done. His leg healed, all signs of gangrene are gone.

      What he could have done, if he needed to, was to add herbs to the treatment. Here is what can be done, for those who need to know.

      Fill a large tub with hot water, add 4 ounces of cayenne pepper powder, 4 ounces of Ginger root powder, and 4 ounces of mustard seed powder. Put these herbs in a dish towel, tie it closed, and put it in the bath like a big tea bag. You will see the water turn orange.

      Then, fill a large bucket with cold water plus 10 pounds or more of ice in it. Plastic garbage bins and wash baskets work well for this. Put the leg, or whatever, into the very hot bath for 5 to 10 minutes and then immediately into the cold for at least 2 minutes, but 5 to 8 minutes is much better. Do at least 5 repetitions of this.

      A Final word

      One of the things that helps out a lot of you reading these old documents and realizing that even if you go to the extreme, you won’t be reaching what was done a hundred years ago.

      As far out as it appears you are not even approaching the intensity of what the old healers knew they had to do.

      These old people had no choice. It didn’t seem to extreme because, to them, it was much more extreme to die. So nothing they did seemed extreme.

      Again, it is more powerful than herbs - because it is the therapy that gets the herbs through the blood to the sick area.

      Best of health to you

    Can Systemic LUPUS Erythematosus cause swelling in ONE HAND ONLY?
    The fingertips of my right hand are swollen, even turning purplish yesterday. My left hand is fine - no change. And my feet aren't swelling, either. Just the finger tips of my right hand.
    Or it might be scleroderma.

    • ANSWER:
      You might need a venus doppler test to see if you have good blood flow to that hand. Blue finger tips indicate poor blood flow.

    Does Lupus cause liver problems and is it a type of cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      Liver and kidney problems. No, it is not cancer.

    Can Lupus cause panic attacks?
    Okay I have been wondering about this for some time now I have a Professor in Immunology that I see for my Lupus but he is really old and stuck in his old fashion ways he has neglected to tell me a lot of things about Lupus just recently I found out that Lupus can effect the brain and depression is a part of this condition which I did not know so does anyone know if Lupus can also cause panic attacks ? What other problems can it cause with your brain besides depression ?

    • ANSWER:
      Usually, only specialists in Nephrology and Rheumatology can give you the right answers for your confusions, but the net is also wide open and loaded with a lot of references regarding this disease.

      I'm a man and I have SLE with Nephritis (kidney inflammation) complication. What I can share is that, with systemic lupus erythematosus, all major organs are indeed affected by the disease and that also include your brain. Mood swings and unexplainable fears would manifest themselves at any given time (along with panic and other confusing behavior).

      It would be nice if your family is well-abreast with what lupus is all about, as I'm sure you'll find comfort and immediate assistance from them at any time you feel lost. Also, go look for any support groups in your area. Attending sessions with them can be helpful as well.

      Having lupus alone makes up for a lot of things that weren't there before. You really need to seek an internist's help as soon as possible. Self-medicating (like what I did before I went to a hospital) will only batter your kidneys. Thus, in my case, it was deemed contributory to my kidneys' weakened state. Better with those who knows than trying things on your own.

      Doctors can very well help you control your lupus' spread with the right medicines and other necessary treatments (i.e., bone-density x-rays, physical therapy for arthritic problems, chemotherapy for quick control of the condition and a kidney biopsy, done once every 3 years). Scary to read but that's how it is. Most people with lupus usually get hit in the kidneys because these organs of ours help our body filter any toxins that we ingest in ourselves. And that includes food, vitamins, other medications, alcohol, juices and water. Go get that necessary help, kid!

      You can free your mind from thinking unnecessary things by taking up a hobby (reading the Bible, any other book you like, walking to parks or bicycling around your neighborhood). Go listen to your favorite music (dance like nothing is going on) or watch your DVD collection. Or anything that keeps you from feeling depressed, fearful, confused, etc.

      Be at peace in any way you want it. Don't think too much beyond what your negative emotions tell you. Your sanity depends much on what you honestly believe. :)

    Causes of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus(SLE)?
    I am doing an assigment and need to wirte up the possible cause of the condition??? Can anybody send me a link to a good source (not wikipedia)?!?!

    • ANSWER:
      here is a link for Web MD:

    Can lupus be the cause of vetrious hemorrhage?...

    • ANSWER:
      Thrombocytopenic anemia (low platelets) is common in lupus. Platelets are needed in order for blood to clot. So, the answer is yes.

    Swollen red wrist after drug-induced lupus diagnosis?
    I was recently diagnosed with Drug-Induced Lupus caused by an antibiotic I was taking long-term. I stopped taking the antibiotic that caused it about two weeks ago but I still have really severe joint pain. Today, my wrist was extremely painful and the side of it is actually very swollen and turning bright red. Is this normal? What can I do to help it? I'm already taking Ibuprofen.


    • ANSWER:
      I have read more than one success story about reversing lupus with Dr. Fuhrman's program.

      One is found here

      Link to Dr. Fuhrman's books;_ylt=Aupn97xop7UTOutTbdvlVKabvZx4?p=joel+fuhrman&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701

    Can Lupus cause Multiple Sclerosis?
    Just wondering if that is possible. I was diagnosed with Lupus about a year ago, and I am having alot of symptoms like eye pain, muscle weakness, confusion, dizziness, etc. which are seen in MS patients so I was just wondering what someone else thought. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      well you can have both but it is rare. however, Lupus can attack the central nervous system, mine does, and I have a lot of MS features, the differance is in MS the mylan sheath gets destroyed in your brain and spine, in Lupus it does not. however, the eye pain, confusion, dizziiness, weakneess falling are features of both. Ive been tested for MS 3 times, during my course with Lupus, but its not there. So they consider my Lupus mainly Central Nervous System Involved. which includes seizures, migranes, and all mentioned above, and falls.

    Can birth Control trigger the symptoms of lupus?
    I am taking Birth Control and wondered if it could cause symptoms of lupus, such as fatigue, weight gain, night sweats, muscle pains, hair loss. I am 20 yrs old and i weigh 127 and am 5'8. and lupus runs in my family. i went to the doctor and they did test results i find them out thursday, but thought i asked.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it can honey, sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. Recently completed studies have shown women who are on birth control injections or pills (especially the higher dosage ones) have been found to have a higher incidence of Lupis, especially if it runs in the family* Since Lupis does run in your family, I would suggest that you seriously rethink your birth control method.

    What causes someone to develop Lupus...?
    and how likely is it that two people, who have worked side by side for a decade, were diagnosed with this disease within a week of each other? Should I be worried working in the same environment? I'm fairly sure it isn't contagious, but can something in the environment you work in daily cause it over a long periods of time?

    • ANSWER:
      Lupus is definitely NOT contagious.

      Researchers believe that some people have a genetic predisposition to develop lupus. It is not exactly hereditary, just that there is a slightly higher chance that you will develop it if you have very close relatives with autoimmune disorders.

      First a person has some genetic make up that means they COULD develop lupus.

      Then there has to be a trigger. The most common triggers are certain viruses, high and prolonged levels of stress or trauma, sunlight, certain drugs (birth control pills and some blood pressure meds). Two people could be in indentical circumstances but only the one who is genetically predisposed would develop lupus.

      There have been investigations into environmental factors. Nothing has been proven as far as I know. If you are exposed to a lot of chemicals, that could be problematic.

      It is likely that your coworkers had lupus for a long time. Most lupus patients go years before they get a correct diagnosis. The difference now is that more doctors are becoming informed about the symptoms of lupus, how to diagnose and treat it.

      Did you know that more than three times as many people have lupus than have multiple sclerosis, sickle cell, and cystic fibrosis COMBINED?

      You can be a good friend to your coworkers by not letting lupus get in the way of your relationship. They will be frightened and isolated enough without you seeming to avoid them. Learn about lupus at the link below. Encourage them to learn about it to.

      Write your senators and representative in Congress asking them to support the Lupus REACH amendments. The funding requested in that bill is equal to 8 minutes of the war in Iraq. There are 1.5 or more Americans with a form of lupus. There is a link on the website where you can write.

    Could lupus of caused a nerve tumor?
    I had a severe placental abruption in 2007, since then I've had lupus, due to this o have reynaurds and all the other symptoms. But 2 years ago o developed a lump which turned put to be a benign tumor of my sciatic nerve: is it possible there linked?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I do know this much...when it comes to Lupus(SLE).
      This disease can cause so many problems,and with different areas of the body.
      So,yes.It's very possible there is a connection,and it's quite possible your Lupus was the main cause of your placental abruption back in 2007.You did say since then you had Lupus,but the Lupus itself could have been the direct cause of the abruption itself,and wasn't diagnosed in time.I've been diagnosed with Lupus since 1987,and am now 40.I just turned 17 when I was first diagnosed back in 1987,and my Lupus has really done a number on me since then.Neurological problems,muscular problems,and especially joint problems.
      I can not stress enough for those diagnosed with Lupus(SLE) to always learn how their Lupus affects them,as Lupus affects everyone differently.And,each individual reacts differently to their Lupus,and must learn how to react/treat their Lupus when an attack/flare comes about.This I can't stress enough,and knowing each Lupus medication is also very important in how you treat your Lupus,and when.Know the side effects.What to expect,and when to expect the side effects,and how to counter-act those side effects the best you possibly can.So important! Like your Raynaulds? Know how to dress,and prepare yourself for those cold winter days...before you step foot outside.This will help protect your hands/fingers,and feet from the extreme cold.Taking control of your Lupus is the first step in preventing a flare.I've learned that the little things can sometime cause me to have a Lupus flare.So,I do my best to prevent that from happening in the first place.
      Make it a point to have a good relationship with your rheumatologist,and always ask any/all questions at your appointment.Know your Lupus medications,and the side effects they will likely cause you.Try to avoid any/all possible side effects when ever possible too.

      But,back to your main question again....yes,there is likely a link between your Lupus,and the tumor.
      I strongly suggest that you speak with your rheumatologist about this at your next visit/appointment.
      And,make a list of any/all other questions/concerns you may wish to ask.

      Hope this helps.
      Take care.

    Blood test for Lupus?
    Hi everyone

    I am 12 weeks 5 days pregnant. My mother has Lupus (SLE) and at my last appointment at the ANC , my consultant asked me to go to phlebotomy for a blood test to see if I am also carrying the disease.

    I have read a lot about Lupus to be more aware of my mum's condition, but until today had never read anything about Lupus and pregnancy. Now I am really worried as Lupus can cause Hughes Syndrome, which causes clots to form and the baby to be starved of blood resulting in miscarriage, and because Lupus causes too many antibodies and it attacks healthy living tissue maybe there's a chance this can also harm my baby. I am already taking junior aspirin to minimise the risk of clots occurring.

    How long do blood tests normally take to come back? I need to put my mind at ease over whether I have it or not, and is there also any Lupus patients on here that have had healthy pregnancies?

    The aspirin I am taking were prescribed by my consultant. Thanks to the people that have answered for all the information you have given me. I just didn't feel that the hospital gave me any reasons why Lupus is considered a threat in pregnancy, and have done my own research and got a bit worried by it all I suppose.

    • ANSWER:
      Lupus is not directly inherited, so you can't be "carrying" the disease.

      There are no definitive lab tests that prove that you have lupus.

      Your blood can, and probably should, be tested for APS (Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome) or Hughes. Chances are good that if you have had no active lupus and no problem with blood clots in the past, you will be just fine.

      Do not take aspirin or anything else without speaking to your obstetrician first.

      Many women with lupus have successful pregnancies. I am one of them. I lead a lupus support group. Most of the women there have healthy children and even grandchildren.

      If you want to know how long it takes for the bloodwork to come back, call your doctor's office. The length of time will depend on what tests were done and where the specimens had to be sent.

      I am 57, have systemic lupus with organ involvement, have two healthy adult sons and two healthy grandchildren. Chances are very good that you and the baby will be just fine!

    Is cracking skin tissue on the feet a possible symptom of lupus? what could cause this?
    I don't really wanna freak out, and I don't think my mom has lupus (of course I have no way of knowing now), but she was stating that the skin tissue on the bottom of her feet was cracking and breaking, creating almost what are cuts all over her feet. She said she is concerned that if this is apparent in other tissue she may have lupus. What could cause something like this sort of reaction to skin tissue? Is cracking skin tissue a symptom of lupus? She has degenerative disc disease if that information is good for evaluation.

    • ANSWER:
      Where on earth did she get the idea cracked feet could be caused by lupus? Cracked heels and feet are a very common problem--she just needs to see a good podiatrist. Symptoms of lupus are things like swelling, arthritis-like symptoms, fever and rashes, and fatigue.

    i filed bankruptcy now i been diagnosed with lupus i cant work wife working any asst. or help for me? texas?
    bankruptcy was hard but i got over that lots of restrictions i have to follow, the lupus is causing kidney failure, sleepyness, i have had back surgery, and stomach surgery im 29 . i love my famiy and hate to see them suffer because im broken down there has to be some type of help for people like me that have just been delt a bad hand of cards.

    • ANSWER:
      1. Check with social security to see if you have enough quarters to possibly qualify for social security disability
      2. If you have enough quarters, have a consultation with a social security attorney BEFORE you file a single paper. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube if you say something wrong on the papers.
      3. If you do not have dependent children it is not likely that you will get cash assistance from the government. You can try.
      4. Call your state food stamp office. You may qualify.
      5. Call your county social services to see if they have medical assistance for the uninsured if that is your condition
      6. Apply for help with meds through or
      7. Apply for copay assistance at
      8. Call 211 and ask the United Way operator who answers what kind of assistance is available
      9. Call you local Catholic church and ask for the St. Vincent de Paul Society (NOT CATHOLIC CHARITIES!!!), They can usually help in the short term and will know about other resources.
      10. Call and/or write your congressional representative and Senators asking them to support the Lupus REACH amendments so maybe we can find a cure

    Is canine lupus caused by diet?
    My dog was overweight so i put her on a diet. She is a border collie mix and and she ate 2 cans a day with a cup of dry with each. When i put her on the diet i cut the 2 can a day to one can and kept the dry the same. over 6 months later she developed lupus. I heard it was likely caused by heredity but i was wondering if the diet was the cause also because i would like to put her on a diet again because she is still overweight...

    if anyone has any kind of information it would be really helpful thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      Nobody is 100% certain what causes canine lupus.

      My dog has the dicoid lupus (makes his nose look funny) not the systemic, and I use supplements to help with that (he's pretty under control on a good diet with extra vit E and occasional periods of antibiotics and an antiinflamatory). I've done a ton of research trying to find out what causes it and how best to treat it - and really, nobody has any answers for what causes it. I have found that a higher protein, fish and potato formula diet helps him a lot. I've got him on the Canidae, grain free salmon formula now. But, this is something that is common in shepherds and some of the "collie" breeds like BC's and Aussies.

      If you really want her to lose weight, increase her exercise. The more calories burned, the less she'll weigh.

    what can lupus cause?
    can lupus cause bad gallbladder and black lines and dots in the vison and make it look like you have food allergys but you don't and hearing probloms??
    can you tell me if lupus can cause all of these things and more

    • ANSWER:
      Although there are many possible manifestations of lupus, those listed below are some of the more common. Lupus is a disease which can present many different facets, rarely do two people have exactly the same symptoms, and these can vary from just one to many.

      Joint/muscle aches and pains
      Permanent rash over cheeks
      Extreme fatigue and weakness
      Increased risk of miscarriage
      Rashes from sunlight/UV light
      Flu-like symptoms and/or night sweats
      Weight gain or loss
      Inflammation of the tissues covering internal organs with associated chest and/or abdominal pain
      Seizures, mental illness or other cerebral problems
      Headaches, migraine
      Kidney problems
      Oral/nasal ulcers
      Hair loss
      Haematological disorders including anaemia
      Swollen glands
      Poor blood circulation causing the tips of fingers and toes to turn white then blue on exposure to cold (Raynauds)

      A person with lupus may have four or five symptoms, where some of these might recede and/or others develop.




    natural treatments for lupus?
    My brother was diagnosed for lupus after a blood clog and i was wondering if there was any treatment for this in a natural way
    Also i was wondering if high doses of blood thinners could have caused his lupus?
    One more question. Is there any specialist that treats lupus?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, Im Chris, I have had Lupus since my teens, but not diagnosed until my 20's. I am sorry there is no miricle cure, just ways to manage it through proper medical care and supplements that his doctor must approve. He needs to get a reffreal to a rhuematologist. A rhemotologist is a doctor who handles arthritic conditions, and connective tissue diseases, which Lupus is, as well as being an autoimmune disease.
      An autoimmune disease happens when the body thinks it is being attacked by outside foreign invaders. Our cells go into overdrive and start attacking our own organs, skin, blood, nervous system, and anything else in our bodies it can get to.
      There are drugs to help us with the flares (periods of disease of activity). But he needs to be on them, Left untreated, he will not have any improvment, and can become more ill. go back to his primary care doctor and get a referrel to a rhuemotologist, it can take 1-2 months for a new paiten to get in to most, since in most parts of the country there is a shortage. Even here in Los Angeles, There can be a wait of 1-2 months, and we have many Rhuemotologists available to us. If you live in a hot/ sunny climate keep him out of the sun, that can make disease activity worse. From July-Sept, I do everything early in the morning or after dark, even swim in my pool. Sunsensitivity can make us very ill. Keep his diet as perservitive free as possible at least until seeing the specialist. Like I said I do take specialized supplements, but they are tailored for me, and approved by my doctor, the help, but do not cure. You will see advertisments for miricle cures. They may do more harm than good. Don't try them please, they may really hurt him, doing serious organ damage.

      If you need support or he does, I own a lupus/autoimmune support group on yahoo support groups, you can join to get access to our files, and get support, friendships, and knowledge and well some off topic fun. Ill also leave you several links, like some of the others did. Just don't try anything until you get to the right doctor, and get retested, because it may be another autoimmune.

      Good Luck

    Can PMS cause a lupus flare?
    I am a 24yr old hispanic diagnosed with lupus at 19. Did 2 years of chemo and only take prednisone on emeregency basis. i have noticed that i can pretty much keep my flares under control except for a week before my period. Anyone else have the same problem?

    • ANSWER:
      It's very common for lupus to flare before periods

      . You might like to consider taking Plaquenil in the hope of reducing disease activity further and thus lessening flaring.

      Ask your doctor about taking something like evening primrose oil.

    Can lupus be a cause of pancreatitis since lupus is an autoimmune disease?
    My Mom has been battling pancreatitis for over a month with little relief unfortunately she is losing a lot of weight which is something she cannot afford to do. She is on an all liquid diet and I am afraid of her becoming malnourished. Any Help would be appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      I am sorry your mom is having such a hard time of it. Yes, lupus can attack any organ in the body. But there can be many other reasons for pancreatitis. It is important to let the doctors do the diagnosing. Lupus is a complex disease and not easy to diagnose. And they will not make a diagnosis of lupus until everything else is ruled out.

      Your mom needs to have opend discussions with her doctor to find out what he/she is exploring. If the doctor refuses to communicate with her, it may be time to fire that one and get a new one.

    i had my anti ds dna today and im so worried i have lupus!?
    my fiance just had his surgery and is healing well so far, now im worring about lupus cause 2 blood tests came back positive for a chance of having lupus! i don't wanna be sick, tired, im to young for all this!

    • ANSWER:
      I have Lupus and APS. WIth treatment and taking care of yourself you can live a fairly normal life.

      Despite the symptoms of lupus and the potential side-effects of treatment, people with lupus can maintain a high quality of life overall. One key to managing lupus is to understand the disease and its impact. Learning to recognize the warning signs of a flare can help the patient take steps to ward it off or reduce its intensity. Many people with lupus experience increased fatigue, pain, a rash, fever, abdominal discomfort, headache, or dizziness just before a flare. Developing strategies to prevent flares can also be helpful, such as learning to recognize your warning signals and maintaining good communication with your doctor.

      It is also important for people with lupus to receive regular health care, instead of seeking help only when symptoms worsen. Results from a medical exam and laboratory work on a regular basis allows the doctor to note any changes and to identify and treat flares early. The treatment plan, which is tailored to the individual's specific needs and circumstances, can be adjusted accordingly. If new symptoms are identified early, treatments may be more effective. Other concerns also can be addressed at regular checkups. The doctor can provide guidance about such issues as the use of sunscreens, stress reduction, and the importance of structured exercise and rest, as well as birth control and family planning. Because people with lupus can be more susceptible to infections, the doctor may recommend yearly influenza vaccinations or pneumococcal vaccinations for some patients.

    Can lupus cause Estrogen levels to rise?
    I have been worried about lupus for the last couple of months as my grandmother has it. I have not been tested or diagnosed yet, but have a couple of symptoms such as raynaud's phenomenon and rosacea, among other things.

    For the past couple of weeks, I have felt like my estrogen levels are rising... my breasts seem to be a little bigger and sore, my skin looks better (not really complaining :D ), I have been moody... basically I feel like I did when I was taking birth control over a year ago. I am NOT PREGNANT, and I am 20.

    Basically, could lupus cause an explained rise in estrogen? What could?? I am starting to get worried!

    • ANSWER:
      Results from studies are mixed on the effect that the hormone estrogen has on a woman's risk of lupus or of having lupus flares. For example, while most women do not have symptom flares during pregnancy, when a woman has a high level of estrogen, a few women do have flares during pregnancy. And although most women develop lupus when they are age 15 to 45, when estrogen levels are higher, a number of women develop lupus after menopause, when estrogen levels are low.

      Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and birth control pills (oral contraceptives) do not appear to affect a woman's risk of lupus. Birth control pills also do not appear to increase the chance of symptom flares in women with moderate lupus that is inactive or under control.3

      Some research suggests smoking may increase the risk of getting lupus.

    Can lupus cause your period to get wacky?
    I come from a family with 2 generations of SLE, my mother and my grandmother were diagnosed when they were about my age.

    In regards to the "wacky" period, let me preface this by saying that I used to be able to set a clock by my cycle -- every 28 days.

    Two cycles ago my period was 4 days early.
    My last cycle was a week late.
    My period is now a little over 2 weeks late, with multiple (6) negative home pregnancy tests.

    Has anyone with Lupus ever had an experience where you missed/had a late period when you started to get symptom of Lupus? I also have noticed my joints hurting more in the past few months, and I seem to be more tired. Both of which I know are symptoms.

    I know I need to see a doctor, but it would be nice to know if someone else has had a similar experience.

    • ANSWER:
      All diseases can cause periods to get wacky. This is because the hormonal levels and nutritional states change.

    Lupus ??? .(more info)?
    I'm a Hypochondric Person, . I know that this disease is a "woman's disease"(but can also affect Men) , i just want to make sure that i will not develop this disease, >>
    What are the main causes of Lupus ??
    Is Lupus is heredity ?
    Is Stress,depression and Anxiety can trigger Lupus ???
    What drugs can trigger Lupus ?
    And how to prevent Lupus ?

    • ANSWER:
      Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Which means basically that your immune system attacks not only viruses and bacteria, but healthy tissue as well. Doctors don't know for sure what causes the immune system to do this. It's probably a combination of your genetics and environment. That's what they think.

      You can inherit a predisposition to lupus, but not necessarily lupus itself. If you have a predisposition it can sometimes develop into lupus.

      Stress can cause the symptoms of lupus to be worse, and can cause the first appearance of lupus, but I don't think stress by itself causes the immune system to go crazy.

      There are a few drugs that can trigger lupus, like drugs for high blood pressure, or TB, or anti-psychotics, but usually that's after long term use of such drugs

      Since it's an autoimmune disease, and doctors don't really know what causes those, there's no way to prevent lupus, especially if you have an inherited predisposition to it. There are certain things that can help prevent flares, but not prevent lupus itself.

    lupus and muscles?
    would lupus cause tearing of the muscles or aching pain in them?

    • ANSWER:
      Lupus would not cause tearing of the muscles.

      It can cause muscle pain. Lupus can and does cause inflammation in any part of the body. Inflammation causes pain. Myositis, the kind of pain you are talking about, is quite common.

    lupus symptoms?
    Does Lupus cause swelling of ankles and hands?

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone out there know anyone with Lupus?
    My Mom has been diagnosed with Lupus 10 years ago and I have seen her go through many horrible symptoms. Her lupus has caused her to have diabetese & hypo thyroid desiese. The scariest of these sympyoms are her parinoia. She has now turned on me, thinking that I am capable of all kinds of horrible things. She is trying to poison my kids against me & my husband. She has caused me great disstress & heartache. Should I cut off all ties with her from me & my kids. Please understand that this has gone on for some time now & I'm just tired. The Docs had her on Halodol before, but she doesnt want to be labled as paranoid so she quit taking those meds. Any helpful advice needed.

    • ANSWER:
      Lupus doesn't cause all those symptoms.
      Lupus is where the body attacks it's self and you have organ problems like kidney disease and organ infections and skin problems and you can't go out in the sun without being covered.
      Lupus is a non contagious, chronic inflammatory condition with reddened skin patches, lupus cause the body to make auto antibodies which attack the skin and other organs.
      Sounds like your mum has something else not lupus, take her to a different doctor.

    Is Lupus disease caused by AIDS or HIV?
    im wondering because my friend has Lupus and her boyfriend is known to sleep with alot of people and I was wondering if lupus develops when you have aids or hiv. And is lupus like purple rashes on your skin?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, lupus can cause purple rashes on your skin. No, lupus is not at all related to HIV.

    Does anyone have lupus?
    Hi, I've had lupus for almost five years now. It's been in remission for four years, but the past few days it's been flaring up again and I'm scared and I'm stressed and I'm nervous. I blame myself. For a month there I convinced myself, partially that I didn't need meds, that I was cured. I even considered that I was mis-diagnosed and it wasn't lupus, cause I hadn't had any symptoms for so long.

    It was nice to feel normal. To not have to take handfuls of pills every day. It was nice to have extra money, my health insurance doesn't really help with anything anymore.

    I just want it all to go away, I want to be normal. I don't want to have to worry about this shit.

    I'm scared that I won't be able to have kids. I'm scared to even think about trying. Cause even if I am able to have kids, my children could be born with lupus or could be born in pain as a symptom of neo-natal lupus. I'm scared to pass this on.

    Anyways, I've never met anyone else with lupus or anything similar. I don't like talking about this stuff with anyone I know because I don't want to worry them or make them feel bad for me. So I was just wondering if anything knows what I'm going through, and can relate-at all. I'm having a hard time right now.


    • ANSWER:
      Firstly, I'm sure you know, but let me spell it out - there is (currently) NO cure for lupus. Lupus is with you for life, it can and will, wax and wane (come and go), often stress can trigger it into activity again. The more you worry the more lupus can become active so that isn't helping. With the vast improvements in treatments and medications lupus can now be controlled.

      The medication that you have been taking is to dampen down you immune system and that's most likely why you felt well. There is a lot you can do to help yourself and some people, like myself, don't have to take any medication, but I do other things such as watch my diet and exercise and also positive thinking is a great help (as most doctors will confirm).

      Please visit our website there is a ton of information on there including a brand new documentary that covers all aspects of lupus including childbirth/pregnancy and it is actual patients talking about their experiences and how they cope, which you might find useful.

      'Passing on' lupus to your children is very unlikely, there is only a very small chance that that will happen. It hasn't helped that people like Lady Gaga are saying it's genetic when it isn't necessarily, so I wouldn't worry about that. We have a lupus pregnancy clinic here and the success rate in lupus pregnancies is the same as the other regular pregnancy clinics in the hospital.

      We have a free lupus nurseonline service where you can e-mail our nurse and she can reassure you with any questions you might have, she has over 20 years experience of lupus and infact her own daughter is a lupus patient so there isn't any aspect of lupus she doesn't know about.

      You have to accept you have lupus, you may have to take medication for it and you should absolutely, definitely be seen at least once a year by a rheumatologist who should check that your lupus is still under control. You should NOT take yourself off any medication without first consulting your specialist as lupus can sometimes become serious if left unchecked.

      I have had lupus for about 17 years and I consider myself very 'normal' I don't allow it to stop me doing anything I want. Learn as much about it as you can and learn how to cope with it and you'll feel much better.

      Good luck!

    I'm a 34 year old man just diagnosed with systemic lupus. I have some important questions I would like to know before going to my doctor?

    Question #1 - Can you suffer from erectile dysfunction with lupus?
    Question #2 - Can lupus cause insanity?
    Question #3 - Can you still lift weight with having lupus?
    Question #4 - What is the youngest lupus case?
    Question #5 - Can lupus lead to amputations?
    Question #6 - What are the odds of dying from this?
    Question #7 - God forbid I get into a fist fight, will I break any bones due to the illness?

    If you can't answers it all, I understand. Just answer whatever you can. Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      1. yes
      2. no
      7. no